Xavier NX dev kit - dead?

Hello. I am unable to flash my Xavier NX dev kit (for the fist time). Try as I might I cannot get it to show up as a USB device. I am placing a jumper on pins 9&10, prior to power-on, which I believe should cause the device to boot in to recovery mode. However, I don’t see any sign of a USB device. Is there any other troubleshooting I can do before RMA?


Hi @jkeller, do you get a green LED on the baseboard when you attach the power supply?

Can you try flashing the SD card from a PC using the Etcher tool? Like here:

Hi @dusty_nv. Yes, the green LED comes on, but no other sign of life -> no fan & nothing on the hdmi output. I have tried with the SD card instructions, as well as with the SDK/jumper.

Hmm ok. So when you connect it’s Micro-USB port to your Linux PC, boot it into recovery mode, and run lsusb from your PC - you don’t see any NVIDIA device there?

You won’t see the fan run unless temperature is high enough to trigger it.

Yes, correct.

OK, sorry about that - you can go ahead and start the RMA process awhile: https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/faq#rma-process

If prompted, you can point the customer service representative to this post that you have our authorization.

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jumper on pins 9&10

are you referring to the pins 9&10 on the top of the board or on the side of the board [covered on the top by NX module]. If the former is the case and you are approaching pins 9&10 which are located at GPIO at the top side of the board - they are not the pins to be used.

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Thanks @_av , turns out I had a bad SD card, and was accidentally using GPIO pins!