Xavier NX no boot or recovery mode

As the title says, I cannot get a Jetson Xavier NX to boot or enter into recovery mode. The students using it claimed it was working fine then it would not boot up next time they used it. The power LED on the carrier board lights up and the heatsink gets warm, but no response from the fan. I have tried multiple host PCs, multiple microUSB cables and multiple jumpers. I still do not see the Nvidia device with lsusb. Total hardware failure or is there something else I can try?

A serial console boot log is by far the best tool in this case. If serial console shows nothing, then I would expect it to be hardware failure, but likely any output during boot over serial console would be quite valuable to saying exactly what went wrong.

Note that a booted NX won’t show in lsusb unless boot is complete, but that lack of lsusb detection of a recovery mode NX is very likely to be a hardware issue (hardware can include the USB cable though, so if it isn’t the micro-B USB cable shipped with a Jetson, then consider that cable as suspect).

Serial console on the NX dev kit is similar to serial console setup on the Nano dev kit. See:

Btw, not having the fan on is “normal” due to the low power. This would normally only turn on as the unit heats up. You mentioned the unit is “warm”, but I have no way to know if it is warm enough to trigger the fan or not.

Be sure to mention if this is a dev kit. Also, do you have more than one? If so, then some swapping of module and carrier board might trace a problem to one or the other. Most such failures are of the carrier board, and far fewer modules actually fail.

Thanks for the reply. This is a developer kit.

I’ve tried multiple host PCs, multiple microUSB cables and multiple jumpers, and I know both the cables and PCs work because I’ve tried other Xavier NXs with them.

I tried the boot serial console using a USB to TTL serial adapter cable but the kernel log did not show up on the Minicom window. I will try swapping out the suspect module onto another NX carrier board next to see if its the module or the carrier board that is causing issues.

Odds are high that the carrier board has failed. Should the module work on another carrier, or if another module works on the suspect carrier, then you’ll know for sure which component failed. One of those components will need replacement (you cannot purchase just a dev kit carrier board without a module, but it may still be useful to know which part failed).

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