Jetson Xavier NX (3668-0001) and Auvidea carrier board stuck in recovery mode after X boots/reboots (no user input)

We have a Jetson Xavier NX production module and Auvidea JNX carrier board. We have JetPack 4.5 installed on the board and standard device tree that ships from NVIDIA. Currently we don’t have the ability to see serial console output → MB1, MB2, CBOOT, etc as the board boots up. The serial console /dev/ttyTHS0 is being used for some other peripheral.
After some random boots/reboots (using /sbin/reboot command) the board doesn’t boot. After connecting the microusb cable to the flashing host PC, we see ‘NVIDIA corp’ in the ‘lsusb’ from which we determine the board went into the recovery mode. We don’t press recovery mode button or connect jumper to put into the recovery mode. We also don’t run

sudo /sbin/reboot --force forced-recovery

It appears the only way to resurrect the device is to reflash as disconnecting and reconnecting the power to the board doesn’t appear to get us out of recovery state.
Any thoughts on how do we debug where the issue potentially lies?

Please contact with Support – Auvidea to see if they can have suggestions.

Thanks @kayccc . Upon further comparison we loaded JetPack 4.4 with Auvidea BSP patches applied and ran reboot test (test reboots board 5 minutes after bootup) and same test on JetPack 4.5. On JetPack 4.4 the board didn’t go in the recovery mode but in case of JetPack 4.5 (stock nvidia) it went in recovery mode state in first few boots.