Cannot detect the device

I can not detect Jetson xavier NX on my host.
My steps are:

  • Plug the Jetson’s power cable.
  • Connect the host and Jetson using a USB-microUSB cable.
  • Try to put Jetson into recovery mode by :
    • Press and hold Recovery button.
    • Press Reset button.
    • Release Reset button.
    • Release Recovery button.

However, I still see nothing about NVIDIA corp by using lsusb command and can’t detect hardware in sdkmanager, neither.


It sounds like a custom board because NV devkit does not have “button”.

Is this from specific vendor? If so, please check the manual of their board if the micro usb is the flash port or not.

Yes, it seems like a custom board.
It does have flash micro USB and Recovery/Reset buttons


Does you micro usb cable have data line but not only power line?

I mean did you use this cable to flash other jetson before?

Oh, the cable is the issue here.
I use another one and it works.
There’s another person using that cable to flash advancetech’s customized Jetson before, but I dont know why it doesnt work now.
Thank you.

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