I want to use jetson xavier module on jetson nano board

i will flash using jetpack.
do i need sd card to do this?

Do you know your Xavier module is eMMC version or SD card version?

I used Jetson Nano before. I bought the Xavier module knowing that the Jetson Xavier module is compatible with the Jetson Nano board. it is written on the back 900-83668-0000-0000

Due to only eMMC module can be bought standalone, then yours is eMMC module, no SD card required.

thank you!
and I flashed it using jetpack. However, the installation was not perfect due to insufficient capacity.

Can you tell me what the problem I am having?


Do you have any error log to share?

I flashed it using jetpack.
i just download jetson os, jetson sdk components.
Is it true that the original capacity is insufficient?

sudo apt upgrade’ does not work due to capacity


This is totally wrong. The sdkmanager is a tool for x86_64 host machine to run. Not for some ARM64 devices like jetson.
It does not support ARM64 device yet.

So what should I use to flash the xavier nx module?

You need to prepare a separate x64 host machine and run the sdkmanager on it…

The website has some simple diagram to show you how it would be like.

Then, can I install sdk manager 1.7.1 version on the host machine and flash it after connecting with xavier?

eAnd that picture will be flashed using the host machine


thank you for the reply. As you said, I changed the jetpack version on the host computer and connected xavier to boot. but…

same problem…
Do sdk components play an important role?


What is the exact “host computer” you are using here?
I am not asking you to just change “jetpack verison”, I am asking you to find a x86_64 host computer with sufficient space.

Are you still using jetson to install sdkmanager?

Just to clarify the situation

  1. I just want to know did you flash the emmc module with sdkmanager succesffully yet or not?

  2. The sdk components are CUDA/TensorRT related software. If you don’t need them, then they do not matter.

i’m using ubuntu 18.04 host computer(x86_64)

  1. I have successfully booted emmc module(not enough capacity to ‘sudo apt upgrade’)

  2. okay i’ll check

Ok, so the flash process is fine but the disk space is not sufficient. That is expected.

And alternative is using external disk.


I keep trying, but something seems to go wrong. Excuse me, can you tell me the flash order?
i’m using jetson nano development kit board and xavier nx module( emmc version )(som?)

  1. Can you select the OS only in sdkmanager, flash and see if you will have the problem?

  2. We don’t suggest to use nx on nano carrier board. If possible, using nx carrier board would be better.