SDKManager failed to flashJP4.6.3 Jetson Xavier NX 16GB developer kit?

I flash Jetson Xavier NX 16GB developer kit with NVMe by SDKmanager, but it failed when downloading. Here is log. Please check for me. Thanks.

I tried installing on different PC with OS 18.04, when flashing many errors appears, after looking logs, run command, reflash and error is again appeared. It took much times. Is there unified way to flash Jetson with NVME from SDKmanager?

I attches logs here, please take a look (107.7 KB)

I don’t know all the details of this kind of flash (I don’t have an NVMe), but for NVMe you need to use the “initrd” flash command. There should be docs with that tool, and it’ll be a command line flash. The initrd acts more or less like an adapter when handing off from bootloader to actual Linux kernel. Quite possibly you need to put the image on the NVMe itself, and the flash steps would “point” to the NVMe.

@linuxdev I flashed once on this board with Jetpack5.1 (host OS 20.04) and successfully. But for jetpack4.6.3 it failed, it need host OS 18.04.

Please help me.
This is my latest log when flashing NVMe by SDKmanager (jetpack4.6.3, host OS 18.04). 99% flashing is failed. (106.5 KB) (258.0 KB)
I try to use SDKmanager from container (OS18.04) to flash JP4.6.3 on NVME Jetson Xavier dev kit (103.5 KB)
because my host PC OS is 20.04. I try only flashing, not installing SDK components, but it is still error. I attched images logs here.

Note: I can flashing on EMMC, but I can not flash on NMVE. when flashing usb is unplugged and plugged again, I think may be sometime it could not be plugged again because after failling I check lsusb Bus 001 Device 029: ID 0955:7035 NVIDIA Corp. Linux for Tegra

JetPack 4.x can work with either an Ubuntu 16.04 host PC or an Ubuntu 18.04 host PC; JetPack 5.x removes 16.04 as a possibility, and adds Ubuntu 20.04. So if you use both JetPack 4.x and 5.x, then you need an 18.04 host PC. But that’s for the GUI installer (the underlying flash software actually works over a wider range of host PCs).

There is a command line tool in all of those releases, This is a command line tool, and tends to be used for external devices, e.g., NVMe. I don’t think the command line tools from either of those releases would require a specific Ubuntu host PC release, but that means you’d have to install the driver package and sample rootfs manually if on a different host PC than 18.04.

Thank you so much.
I had a workaround. I can flash on EMMC, after that I cloned rooft from EMMC and NVME. Finally I installed Json SDK components. From your info, I know another method to flash to external device. It is difficult to find NVIDIA documentation and follow. It take 2 days of me to install. It is not happy experience.

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