SDK Manager not offering OS for Xavier NX

I recently purcahsed a used Xavier NX 8 gb compute module and a new Waveshare development board. The development board does not have an SD slot and the computer module has emmc memory. I am trying to flash the EMMC.

I also purchase a new 86x Ubuntu PC to handle SDX flashing. I installed SDX manager and logged in. I put the development board in recovery mode and connected it to my PC. SDK manager recognized the attached board.

Unfortunately, when Xavier NX is selected, SDK manager will not offer, nor let me select, and operating system. The option is greyed out.

How can I get an OS installed on the EMMC?

There are actually two separate topics to consider.

The first is that a third party carrier board usually requires different firmware (the device tree). On rare occasion a third party supplier will use the same electrical layout on their carrier board as that of the development kits, and in this case the manufacturer will state that the NVIDIA flash software can be used directly.

If there is a difference in carrier board layout, then the third party manufacturer will either provide a patch to the NVIDIA flash software, or will provide their own flash software (which is basically an edited NVIDIA flash setup). The overwhelming majority of third party carrier boards need some sort of flash software change (the BSP, or Board Support Package) for a proper flash. You will have to check the manufacturer website for this model to determine if the NVIDIA software is correct for this case.

In the case of JetPack/SDK Manager there is a limitation on which version of Ubuntu must be used on the host PC. In the case of Xavier one can flash an L4T release version from R32.x (Ubuntu 18.04 plus NVIDIA drivers) or R35.x (Ubuntu 20.04 plus NVIDIA drivers). The L4T release being flashed changes which host PC Ubuntu releases are valid.

Does the manufacturer for the Waveshare suggest the NVIDIA software is ok to use for directly flashing? If so, are you using L4T R32.x (JetPack 4.x) or L4T R35.x (JetPack 5.x)? This changes which host PC releases are available for flash. Which release of Ubuntu do you have on the host PC?

Thank you for the reply.

  1. Waveshare is one of the larger development board companies and does recommend SDK. See here: JETSON-NANO-DEV-KIT - Waveshare Wiki

  2. The new host machine is running Ubuntu 22.04

I’m pretty sure I am running Jetpack 6

  1. It does not matter what kind of board you are using. You need to confirm with vendor if they can work with sdkmanager/jetpack. They are all custom boards to us.

  2. Jetpack6 does not support Xaiver but only Orin.

For reference, the L4T release is what actually gets flashed, and this is just Ubuntu plus NVIDIA drivers. That release is normally tied to a particular release of JetPack/SDK Manager (the host PC flashing front end GUI), and so picking one normally picks the other. Note that the first Nano is a TX1 in small form factor; there is also a TX2 Nano, an Xavier Nano, and Orin Nano, each of which are a newer generation. If this is the older Nano, then you can find it in the table of valid L4T releases:

JetPack itself can run on more releases of Ubuntu than what you can actually use. It is a subtle point, but the software release being flashed further limits which JetPack release you can use, and which host PC Ubuntu release (the host PC requirement is the intersection of JetPack requirements and the L4T release requirements). There are JetPack releases which work on host PCs from Ubuntu 16.04 up to 22.04, but when working with a regular Nano the L4T release is limited to R32.x, and this in turn implies JetPack 4.x. You can find the information needed with the JetPack that is assigned to the L4T R32.x release you wish to flash.

The Waveshare Wiki mentions that you should use an Ubuntu 18.04 host PC for this flash.

Thank you for all of your help and the detailed explanation. I’m still new to the Jetson system so extra background info is a big help.

I was able to downgrade the Ubuntu version on my host PC and get the OS to flash.

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