Is Xavier NX production module with eMMC pre-installed with ubuntu

If not, how to flash it?

The dev kits don’t have eMMC, so you are asking about a third party carrier board. eMMC modules are empty when sold. If it comes with a third party carrier board, then it is possible that the manufacturer who ships it might install something, but otherwise it would be empty.

Third party carrier board would come with their software for flashing most of the time, or else with a patch to add to the dev kit flash software. The reason being that the device tree likely has changes unless the carrier board is an exact match to the dev kit; but even if the carrier board is a match, then an eMMC type uses a different device tree (for parts of it) compared to a dev kit SD card module. I guess the answer would be that the software and instructions mostly come from the manufacturer of the carrier board.

If you have a dev kit carrier board, then it should work with the same flash instructions as the dev kit model, but perhaps specifying it is an eMMC model. Regardless of which hardware it is, the general idea is that it has to be in recovery mode and the correct USB connector used (often it is a micro-USB cable, but on units with USB-c, then it is probably a USB-c connector).

If you don’t have a carrier board, then you can’t flash. Do you have a carrier board? If so, is it from a dev kit, or is it from a third party?

Yes, I have the Nvidia Xavier Nx devkit carrier board.

Need to flash it by using sdkmanager. Prepare another x86 ubuntu 18.04 host for it.

Can I use ubuntu 20 host?

Ubuntu 20 can only flash jp5.

Ubuntu 18 can flash both jp5 and jp4.

That is why suggested to use 18.

I do not have an ubuntu 18. Can I use ubuntu 16 to flash it?

For jetpack4, yes.

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