SDK Manager unable to flash Jetpack with all components on 16GB eMMC of Xavier NX

The Jetson Xavier NX came with 16GB eMMC storage and our carrier board has SD Card support. We are trying to flash the JetPack along with additional components on to the Target module using SDK Manager, but the size of the installation file exceeds 16GB.

Now there is no option given in the SDK Manager to deselect some of the components, its either select all additional components or none. Also, we cannot select where to flash the JetPack between eMMC and SD Card, because of which the SDK Manager is flashing on eMMC by default. This will throw an error because of low storage space.

Please tell us how we can install packages given by official SDK Manager with minimum storage requirement above 16GB onto a 16GB eMMC Jetson Xavier.

It is not making sense to us and also why would SDK include these components when they cannot be installed together, please guide us in this regard. Thanks in advance. Hope you understood our query.

Which JetPack you want to install?

We suggest to directly flash the OS and jetpack to nvme drive. Sdkmanager is able to do that after jp4.6.1 too.


We don’t have a NVMe slot on the board. That’s the problem. We are trying to replace the board with NVMe M.2 slot but meanwhile we are trying to flask or boot the JetPack either from eMMC or entirely from SD Card.

We read a thread about rootfs transfer to external memory but there is no clear instructions on how we can do it for SD card supported boards.

Does your board have usb port?

Yes it does. All other ports and IO interfaces are there similar to official dev board, except the external storage is SD card instead of NVMe

This is the board that we are using with XNX SOM

Then please boot from the usb drive.

Okay Wayne. We will try this out. Thanks.

Any insights on general performance degradation when using an external USB drive when booted from it compared to eMMC and NVMe.

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