Jetson Xavier Nx 128gb NVME showing only 15gb


I am new in this field so please go easy on me. I got a Jetson Xavier Nx 16gb with 128gb nvme, it doesn’t have an SD card slot so I believe it is not a developer kit.

Using SDK Manager I am trying to flash/install jetpack with the sdk components (cuda, etc.). I just followed the instructions in the manager (using manual setup) but I think did something wrong. My EMMC is only 16GB and it fails to install all the SDK components due to low storage. I also tried using NVME as storage but it won’t boot.

Now, I only installed Jetpack linux using EMMC storage and I plan to install cuda, etc once it sucessfully boots. However when I check the available storage for the SSD, it only shows 15GB. I don’t remember doing a partition so I am super lost.

Can someone help me with the SSD NVME to get its maximum storage? I need it to install other packages. Is 16GB not enought to install Jetpack and other SDK components?

Sorry if I may be asking obvious questions but I really need help to point out what is wrong in what I am doing.

Hi user81874,

Please run SDK Manager again and select Storage Device to NVMe, start flash image to your NVMe, then you have enough size to install sdk components.

I tried using NVME as the storage but the linux in jetson won’t boot

Need you to dump the log to tell what is going on.

Same problem here, @user81874 Did you find a solution to this problem? flash ends with error when I try to use nvme.

If you have trouble flashing NVMe, you can also try this solution