How to use SDK manager to install os image/sdk components directly to SD card


I have a Jetson Xavier NX from aaeon AI@Edge Compact Fanless Embedded BOX PC with NVIDIA Jetson TX2 NX - AAEON . It comes with internal storage of 16gb and sd card. Although aaeon has given me the internal and external images so that I can use everything on SD card but its jetpack 4.6. I am trying to install jetpack 5.1 using SDK manager.

As per my understanding, I am first installing the OS image in internal storage as it is the default. Then once the xavier boots up properly, I connect it to network and the from sdk manager via ssh, I am starting the installation of sdk components but because internal storage is 16gb only, it fills up quickly and no space is left for installation.

Is there any way I can directly install OS image, SDK components on Sd card instead of internal storage from SDK manager? If yes, can you please share link to any document explaining this or if not then what is the alternative way of setting up everything on sd card instead of internal storage.

Please help. Thanks

Hi ART97,

It seems you are using the custom board from AAEON, so you could not flash the board with SDKM (which is used for the devkit), but you can use SDKM to install SDK components.
You have to know the BSP package from SDKM is for the devkit.

You need to get specific BSP package from your vendor to flash the custom board.
Once you get the BSP package from your vendor, you could refer to the following instruction to flash and use SD as your rootfs.
Flashing Support — To generate an image to be flashed to an SD card
Or use NVMe drive instead,
Flashing Support — Flashing to an NVMe Drive

Hi @KevinFFF

I will check with AAEON on this. Just wanted to know one thing, I have Jetson Nano developer kit. Is Jetpack 5.1 not available for Nano?

We can close this thread for now.


No, jetpack5.1 only supports xavier and orin.

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