Can you use the sdkmanager on a Jetson Xavier NX?

I’ve tried installing it directly and using the docker image but both say the architecture is incompatible amd64 vs arm64. I have seen posts saying install the sdk manager to update the jetpack and for docker images but the cpu isn’t compatible with any of the downloads.

Am I totally missing something? Is there a tutorial somewhere that is more than copy/paste a terminal command?

Hi @Nitsuj, the SDK Manager runs on an Ubuntu x86_64 PC, and it flashes the Jetson device over micro-USB connection.

However, if you are using the Jetson Xavier NX devkit, you don’t need to use SDK Manager - you can flash your SD card with the Xavier NX image from a Windows/Mac/Linux PC using the Etcher tool. Then put your flashed SD card into the devkit and boot it. For instructions, see the Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit User Guide:

This makes so much sense, thank you.