Flashing Jetson Xavier NX from a RedHat (8.6) Host computer?

Are there procedures for flashing the Jetson Xavier NX via USB or Ethernet from a RedHat 8.6 host computer? I saw some command line commands to flash with Ubuntu on the internet, but didn’t know if a RedHat host computer was possible.

If so, what is the procedure? Thanks in advance!

I installed the redhat SDK Manager on 8.6 and it was able to run.
But when starting the install/flash process, SDK Manager says that there is no available releases for host OS (rhel 8.6) in the Target OS section during step 1. How do I select the JetPack 5.0.2?

JetPack 5.x needs an Ubuntu 20.04 host PC. However, you are right that there is a possibility of flashing on command line. JetPack/SDK Manager is just a front end to the actual flash software. It has been a long time, but I used to flash strictly from Fedora on command line (before JetPack existed, which is before the SDKM network layer on top of JetPack). You really should use an Ubuntu 20.04 host, but so long as you don’t need one of the JetPack/SDKM features, you might succeed on command line.

Is this Xavier NX a dev kit which runs on SD card? Or is it an eMMC model? Instructions differ a lot between the two models. An eMMC model puts everything on the eMMC, whereas an SD card model actually flashes QSPI memory on the module, and the rootfs exists on SD card. Flash is generally to the QSPI, and then you can get a prebuilt image for the SD card. You don’t need the SD card to flash the QSPI, but the QSPI has to be the correct release to work with a given SD card image.

If you installed JetPack/SDKM, then you might have the host side set up, or you might need to install manually. Don’t know. If it is there, then you should see this directory:

Is that there? If it is, then is this populated with files?

If that is there, then you are free to try flashing the QSPI if SD model, or eMMC if eMMC model. If not, then you can manually install this without too much trouble. Which model do you have (and is this a dev kit), and is the “Linux_for_Tegra/rootfs/” content populated?

Thanks for the reply. I have the eMMC model (without the microSD card). I have been able to flash with Ubuntu as a host PC using the GUI, but my ultimate goal is using a headless Redhat host os to preform the same activity.

I dont need the SDK features, just need to try to flash using Redhat. Using the redhat SDK Manager, it never let me download the …/Linux_for_Tegra files. I can setup a Ubunutu 20.04 via VM as a temp just to download the package, but I was hoping there was an easier way. I mean, why have a rpm version of SDK Manager if I doesn’t flash/support it as a host computer?

Like I mentioned, I eventually want to flash the Xavier NX completely via command line without using the GUI.

Thanks again and any procedures/processes you might have via command line would be greater appreciated.

Assuming this is a dev kit carrier board with eMMC (other carrier boards need a device tree adjustment):
sudo ./flash.sh jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-emmc mmcblk0p1

See if that works. VMs can be made to work, but they often fail if USB is not set up correctly (VMs tend to not reacquire the USB during a disconnect/reconnect, and this occurs during flash, but if you configure USB correctly, then the reconnect will be picked up).

JetPack/SDK Manager is used for more than the Jetson product line. There is also a Drive OS for some vehicle products, and perhaps more, e.g., Clara for some PCIe health industry products. JetPack/SDKM is just a front end on top of the flash software, and the other products have other installation candidates not used with a Jetson.

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