Jetson AGX Xavier eMMC Flashing


I am using Jetson AGX DVK in my development. I am able to flash the pr-built images using SDK Manager provided by Nvidia by connecting Type-C Port to Linux Host.
Do we have provision to flash the Jetson using windows host ? If so any references is available. It would be very helpful.

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eMMC Jetsons (including Xavier) are flashed when in recovery mode. Recovery mode turns the Jetson into a custom USB device understood only by the “driver package” (JetPack/SDK Manager is a front end to this). JetPack/SDKM runs only on an Ubuntu 18.04 host PC (command line flash without the JetPack/SDKM GUI runs on any Linux PC). The driver package does not run on Windows, so you are out of luck.

Some other Jetsons boot from an SD card, and those have available a sample image which can be directly added to an SD card from any host of any o/s, e.g., via Etcher on Windows or via dd on Linux. Xavier is not an SD card model, it uses eMMC.

A normal flash to eMMC uses several tools which are not available on Windows even with WSL, e.g., loopback.

Some people use a VM, but this is not necessarily an easy route since USB has to be set up right and there may be a learning curve in that.

By far the simplest route if you want to develop is to dual boot with Ubuntu 18.04.

I am unable to proceed further. As shown in the screenshot, I am able to follow and flash various components of AGX Xavier, but on the final step (i guess), it cannot detect the IP of the target, and get stuck there.

I don’t know what to do next.
Please help in setting up my agx xavier.

As the freshly flashed Xavier auto rebooted at the end of the flash, did you complete the first boot setup? Ssh won’t work until an account exists. At the end of flash the Xavier will self-reboot, so if you have a monitor/keyboard, or serial console, then you should have an opportunity to set that up. Once that is complete, then the network part can continue.

So after completion, the rebooting happen, but it does not proceed beyond the attachment screen.

I am not able to setup the account.


If the flash was correct, then stopping at this logo says there is probably an actual hardware failure.

Can someone from NVIDIA comment? It might be RMA time if the flash was valid.

hello nixcoder,

please gather bootloader messages for reference,
you may access Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit User Guide, please connect with J501 micro USB port to setup UART communication.

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Can you please help me with some document/instruction to gather bootloader messages? I understand I would connect the AGX xavier to a Ubuntu system and follow the process, as outlined in the user guide (or jetsonhacks video on youtube), while connecting micro usb to Ubuntu machine. Post that how would I extract boot loader messages? Please advice.

Serial console programs have the ability to log a session. Just make sure the screen is clear, then start logging, followed by beginning boot. Whatever shows up will be logged.

I like gtkterm, and I’ll give an example naming “/dev/ttyUSB0” as the correct device, but you’d have to adjust for your case (if you need to install this, then “sudo apt-get install gtkterm”):
gtkterm -b 8 -t 1 -s 115200 -p /dev/ttyUSB0