Install Jetson Xavier NX DevKit using SD Card image method and cannot install SDK Component


i just install Jetson Xavier NX DevKit using SD Card Image method.
Then I just realized that CUDA, OpenCV ,etc. are not installed yet.
Im planning to use SDK Manager from my Linux OS Host PC to install the SDK Component.

It says installation completed but there are no CUDA, OpenCV, etc installed in the Jetson.



SDK manager is not required to use the NX. I would recommend not using it at all.

Re: CUDA, is installed by default already.
Re: OpenCV, if you need a version with CUDA support, you can build it from source ( master).

if there is a need to install sdkcomponents it could be made with sdkmanager;
It might also make sense to reflash with it. On the other way there are other solutions.

Do know that SDK Manager can be used to install components without flashing, you just have to uncheck flash. The actual flash does not install optional components, this occurs only after flash completes and the Jetson is fully booted with first boot configuration completed. Others have mentioned that (on recent releases) there are other ways to add optional components, but should you do this via SDK Manager, then it is simply using ssh over the network to the Jetson to do this (the default is to use the network created by virtual ethernet over USB, but any network will work).

Thanks for the answer all. I just realized that CUDA and OpenCV is already installed when i installed it using SD Card.

I just need to set the environment to access the CUDA correctly.