Trouble installing Cuda on Xavier NX

I’m trying to set up Cuda on a Xavier NX. I used the site and followed have the following settings,

However, the installation failed with the output attached.
nvidia-installer.log (33.8 KB)

on jetson jetson cuda needs to be installed; it is done typically with sdkmanager unless manually
x86_64 cuda is not applicable, as jetson has aarch64[arm] processor instruction set
but neither server arm cuda is applicable that you seem trying to install

Hi nathan.eaie99,

Suggest you can use SDK Manager to install SDK components on your Xavier-NX.
You also can download JetPack deb files from here.

So I tried running

sudo apt-get install ./sdkmanager_1.6.1-8175_amd64.deb 
The following packages have unmet dependencies:
 sdkmanager:amd64 : Depends: libgconf-2-4:amd64 but it is not installable
                    Depends: libcanberra-gtk-module:amd64 but it is not installable
                    Depends: locales:amd64 but it is not installable
E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.

Is there any further recourse for this?

SDK Manager is to be installed on a Linux/Ubuntu (18.04) PC host that will flash your Jetson through USB.
You cannot use it on Jetson itself (nor from a RPi).