Install CUDA, CUDNN and TensorRT on Xavier NX Dev Kit ... without SDK

I have a new Jetson Xavier Dev Kit that I am bringing up.
I have the SD card flashed and things are working great!
I’d like to install CUDA, CUDNN, etc. as the next step.
It looks like i’ll need the SDK Manager to do that.
Unfortunately, I only have access to a Windows machine.
Does anyone have any guidance on next steps?

Thank you!

To install those SDKs, you can only do that with an Ubuntu host PC via SDK manager.

Thanks for the fast reply…

Just to make sure that I totally understand… there’s zero support for Windows only workflows to install CUDA or CUDNN on the Jetson?

Actually, the SD card image already comes with the JetPack components pre-installed (CUDA, cuDNN, TensorRT, ect), so you don’t typically need to use SDK Manager to setup Jetson Nano.
But if need to use the SDK manager to flash device(or setup PC develop environment) via JetPack, then the Ubuntu host PC is the must, there is no Windows support.

Hmmm … thanks.
This is installed on a Xavier Dev Kit, not Nano.
I used the SD Flash instructions.
It’s odd.
CUDNN isn’t being recognized … I need to dig more in to it.

Sorry for my typo at previosu comments, supposed you use Xavier NX devkit, then it’s the same, the SD card image comes with pre-installed SDKs.

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