Installing SDK Components via CLI (not using SDK Manager)?

Is there a way to install the SDK Components such as the CUDA Toolkit, TensorRT, Computer Vision Runtime, NVIDIA Container Runtime, Multimedia API, etc. via command line, without using the SDK Manager?

We are flashing the Xavier NX via CLI (due to board configuration not having a host Ubuntu PC connected) and was wondering if there was a package that installs all the SDK Components onto the Xavier NX via the same method.

Thanks so much!

I’ve downloaded all the packages via the SDK Manager selecting the “Download Now. Install Later” option.

There are a bunch of .deb and .json files. What is the best way to install them manually?

Hi smcentee,

You could refer to the following instruction to install SDK component with apt command.
How to Install JetPack - Install JetPack Components on Jetson Linux

You could also manually install the required packages (.deb) with the command like the following.

$sudo dpkg -i <deb package>

Thanks @KevinFFF. Once downloaded (but not installed yet), is there one command that will install the packages all at once onto another machine without internet access, like the sudo apt install nvidia-jetpack?
In other words, is there ONE command to install this metapackage? Or do I have to create a script that installs each one using the dpkg -i command? Is there an installation script already created for this package?

You need the internet access for this one command to install SDK from internet.

If you download the deb packages first, you could try to put them under Linux_for_Tegra/nv_tegra/l4t_deb_packages/ and they would be installed into rootfs while you run sudo ./

So what I did was include all the .deb SDK packages in the /rootfs/home/ directory for the user to install, if needed. I wrote a simple install script which installs them.

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