Jetpack Setup with SDK Manager, Pre-Downloading


Is it possible to install Jetpack on Jetson AGX Xavier with previously downloaded files?

To be more clear, I will not have access to internet when I will be able to install Jetpack on Xavier. So, I want to download necessary files beforehand and then install the system with those files. Similar to preparing an OS setup USB stick using a .ISO file. However, as I understand from the documents, the nvidia SDK Manager downloads the files only when directly installing, and requires internet connection. Is it possible to download beforehand and later install them?

I am new to this, thanks for your helps in advance.

Those sdks from the SDKM are based on a debian package. SDKM just sent them to your jetson device through scp and then install.
Thus, the only point that requires the Internet is for SDKM to download those files to your host.

There should be a download directory on your host that has lots of .deb files. Open your SDKM GUI and it shall tell you where the path is.

Also, I remember there is a “download first and install later” option in SDKM. You can try it too.

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I use the “download and install later” which @WayneWWW mentions. That works well to get files installed to the host PC.

It is worth noting that when one uses SDKM to flash, and it offers to install CUDA and some extra files, those CUDA and other optional files are not installed by flash. The flash completes and the Jetson reboots, first boot account setup runs, and then scp/ssh is used to copy optional content to a fully booted and running Jetson. In theory, if you have those files on a thumb drive, and use dpkg (or apt) to install these in the proper order, then there is no reason you couldn’t manually install those “optional” packages. Just beware that this is not “flashing”, and you cannot self-flash a Jetson, it must flash using a Linux host PC.

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