JetPack 4.6 offline install for AGX?

I am just getting set up here with the AGX module. My work does not have an option to allow our developer computers to connect directly to the internet for security reason, and it appears Nvidia only supports using the SDK Manager to install Jetpack on the Xavier module, with the default allowing SDK to access the repos on the web.

I see there is an option for offline install, but I can’t seem to find anywhere that hosts the Jetpack installer that I can download. I found the direct install location for individual packages, but SDK Manager complains it can’t find anything in the folder I downloaded them all to.

Anyone have any experience with this?

Hi user56780,

You can use SDK Manager to only download the SDKs by selecting the " Download now. Install later. " checkbox.
And find the *.deb files from download folder.
Please reference detail from this page.

The problem is SDK manager cannot access the internet directly, ever, so it is impossible to download now, install later via the SDK. The air-gapped internet is due to the nature of our company’s work, and cannot be bypassed for security reasons.

I tried going directly to Index and downloading all of the files, putting them in a folder, and telling the SDK offline installer where they were, but the SDK just complained saying it couldn’t find a previous SDK install. So with no direct internet access, or access to a .deb for jetpack, I fail to see how I can utilize the SDK manager.

The next option I tried was to go the container route and just forget about jetpack. So I went to NVIDIA L4T Base | NVIDIA NGC to get the docker image, but the only option here is to get a pull command copied to my clipboard. There is no way to actually just download the container image directly.

So as of this moment I am pretty well stuck. I have some ideas, but it is going to involve a decent amount of work on my end. Unless someone has any better ideas.

Hi user56780,

Please try below steps to install SDK components by manually:

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install nvidia-jetpack

The machine does not have internet access. Unless Ubuntu comes shipped with Nvidia repos on it locally, and the sources.list pointing towards said local repo, this will not work. I tried it, and as expected apt complains that it could not connect to the repository.

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