Complete offline install of SDK components on Xavier

Hello folks,

I am looking forward to finding a solution to install CUDA SDK components on my Xavier without any Internet connection.
I already found a way to download all the SDKManager environment and flash my Xavier offline, but all CUDA-related SDK require an Internet connection, which I cannot give due to security reasons.
The install process verifies that the Jetson has Internet access and can install packages through it. Would it be possible to “fool” the process by having a local Ubuntu repo? Or is there another way?

Thanks for your help :)

Actually the data send between jetson and sdkmanager is through the usb port. That IP is on USB, not ethernet/internet. Not sure if this is what you want.

Thanks for your answer, yes I’m aware of that, my problem is when I want to install CUDA elements on the Jetson, I need to connect the Jetson to the Internet (SDKManager checks for DNS resolution and apt-update), otherwise the process just fails.

Hi julinux06,

Please reference this page to offline install sdk components.

Thanks @carolyuu ,

I just did an offline install, just to be sure.

I’m plugging my Jetson en my Ethernet port, start sdkmanager, and unchecked “Jetson OS” from the list:

Then I get the usual screen:

When the process is trying to access the Internet I have an error, and I click on “Skip”:

I then let the process unfolding, but suddenly all jobs are failing:

When I check the logs, I get the following error:

CUDA Toolkit for L4T - target: First Error: APT system is broken and requires manual fix

And I clearly see some

Could not resolve ‘

in the logs.

Maybe there’s an argument to launch sdkmanager with unknown to me? I must say I’m fairly a basic user when it comes to sdkmanager…

Thanks for all your help! :)

I also attached a log:
logs.txt (5.0 KB)

You could probably firstly back up /etc/apt/sources.list file, then comment all lines in this file to bypass the “apt update” error.

Hello Edward, I’ll try this. But if the process needs some packages installed (hence the apt-get install), wouldn’t it fail nontheless??

In the meantime, I cannot try this as my ethernet gadget has stopped working… I’ll need to make one from scratch.

I’ll keep you in touch, thanks for your help!

Is this still an issue to support? Any result can be shared? Thanks

Unfortunately it’s still an issue for me.

I am still forced to connect the Jetson to the Internet and have a valid sources.list when I want to install CUDA SDKs.

Imaging a system is neither impossible, because for some reason my preproduction device with a customized system looses USB controller when I flash the image of one device to another…
The only thing I’m considering now is to copy all ubuntu and Nvidia repos locally. and make some fake DNS records to point at these local repos…

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