Need help with installing JetPack with SDK Manager

Have an issue when installing with SDK Manager and it gets to the screen “Install SDK components on your Jetson AGX Xavier” I put in my ip address of the Xavier device by using ifconfig and put in username: nvidia and passowrd: nvidia, though once it gets to 50% insatlling flash os, it cuts out the USB Xavier device. Spent 4 times doing the same thing but it still kicks out the usb xavier os flash at 50%. Question when it does this it ask me to download the sample file system from Tegra. Should I install the sample Tregra filesystem prior to doing the SDK Manager

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Are you using a VM? One issue to be aware of is that if you are using a VM it is quite common for USB to be lost. The USB disconnects and reconnects during the flash, and most of the time a VM which doesn’t completely own that USB device (plus the virtual ethernet produced after the flash completes and the Xavier reboots) are taken back by the host.

When using SDKM you should not normally have to manually download anything other than the actual SDKM to your host. There are also cases of non-VM failures where the host is unable to get the manifest of files or packages due to proxy or firewall. Are you behind a proxy or firewall?

Look in the Terminal Window for Errors, another post mentioned that python3 has to be installed on the Device, otherwise the setup fails…