Hi there,

I’m joining the adventure of the Jetson products and i bought a Jetson AGX Xavier developer kit.
When i’m trying to install the OS via the sdk manager (1.4.0), i’m having troubles to flash it. I’m getting errors from flashing the os + all the target device: sdk’s.

I’m on VMWare running ubuntu 18.04 (from mac). I tried with virtualbox but got the famous 99% flash problem so that’s why i switched to vmware.

I’m putting the log files in case it’s needed.
I would love someone to help me out so that i can start my little projects :).

Thanks a lot, you little genius,

ErrorReport (245.2 KB)

A VM(VMware or Virtualbox etc) is not recommended for the SDK manager.
Try that with Ubuntu host PC not a VM.

I’m now on ubuntu using no vm. I now have an error:

Finished Flashing 05

Determining the IP address of target…
nc: Address a1ready in use

JetPack is unable to determine the IP address of the Jetson Developer Kit
Failure to run bash command “timeout 180 nc .1 33338” because of error: exit status 1, nc: Address a1ready in use
P1ease se1ect which action do you want:

  1. Retry
  2. Manua11y enter IP address
    Your option is <1/2>:

How can I solve this in a simple way?

USB-C on the front side is connected to your Ubuntu host PC during installation, jetson and host would have specific IP Address;

  • Jetson:
  • Host PC:

Would you check the USB connection again?