Jetson TX2 NX microSD Card Slot

I had previously purchased a Jetson Nano 4GB developer kit, but later needed more power for the project I am working on. I’d read that the Jetson TX2 NX is pin-compatible with the Jetson Nano carrier board so I had gone through NVIDIA’s website to order a TX2 NX. I was redirected from Buy the Latest Jetson Products | NVIDIA Developer to Upon receiving the TX2 NX I see that it does not have the microSD card slot soldered to the bottom of the TX2 NX module. I can see the solder pads where it should be located though. Do I need to solder the microSD card slot onto the TX2 NX module myself? If so, any tips would be appreciated. Thank you.

The NX dev kit has an SD card, and it comes with a dev kit carrier board. The eMMC model needs a carrier board, but already has memory (the eMMC), and thus does not need an SD card. Basically you’d flash the new NX using the eMMC model flash software, but there are parts of the SD card you could use to partially clone the SD to the eMMC (boot content and content specific to the Nano would need to have NX content instead).

I recommend just flashing the NX on the carrier board and getting that working before trying to copy any of the SD card Nano content.

Thank you for the quick response. So if I understand correctly, the TX2 NX already has storage onboard (eMMC) to run the Jetpack operating system so I would only add the SD card if I desired more storage? Do you know where I could find the flash software for the NX? And to flash the NX do I connect it to the Nano carrier board and then perform some operation?

The above is correct.

JetPack/SDK Manager can be found here (just use the most recent version unless you need compatibility with the Nano…in that case use the same release which was used to flash the Nano, but for the NX):

Note: You would put the NX on the carrier board and flash it just like the Nano. There might be a need for some manual flash step if the device tree is incorrect for the eMMC model on the dev kit carrier board, but just flash once and see how it works.

Thank you for the help. I will come back and update this thread if I have any more questions or if issues arise.

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