Jetson TX2 NX on Jetson Nano dev board (B01)


I have been looking for a guide on how to use the Jetson TX2 NX on a Jetson Nano dev board (B01), but I just found some comments of people that say it is possible but no explanation on how to.

Could anyone provide some insights? So far I have connected the NX on the board but there is no booting image or anything on the display.


As the TX2 NX announcement - Announcing Jetson TX2 NX - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Announcements - NVIDIA Developer Forums, we only comply that can use the Jetson TX2 NX module with the Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit carrier board.
Even the Jetson TX2 NX, Jetson Nano, and Jetson Xavier NX are largely pin compatible, but to use Nano devkit carrier board is suggested. If you want to try, you can flash the TX2 NX image via JetPack by SDK manager, but we won’t support issue from this combination.


Thank you for your answer, I understand you won’t support issues regarding this combination and I’m on my own on this.

When you say I can try to flash the image, do you mean to flash it into an micro sd or directly into the eMMC memory? I ask this because my NX doesn’t have the micro sd slot card soldered. If it is second case, how to flash the image into eMMC memory?

Thank you in advance!

Please find a host PC with Ubuntu 18.04, follow the steps to install the sdkmanager.

Then use JetPack to flash your device.

Thank you I will try that!

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