Issue flashing TX2 NX with SdkManager and boot from sd card

I installed a SSD on a TX2 NX with the intention to move the OS to it. The procedure I followed was from GitHub - jetsonhacks/rootOnNVMe: Switch the rootfs to a NVMe SSD on the Jetson Xavier NX and Jetson AGX Xavier . The motivation for this was to allow larger disk space to develop compared to the 14GB available on the TX2 NX. The 3rd step of the procedure required to copy the system from the eMMC to the new installed SSD. In my case, the eMMC was already almost full when the procedure was launched and the copying steps which seems to buffer in the process crashed the system in mid air which left it unbootable.

If I try to reboot after that, the screen shows the following log and stops :

My question is : is there a way I can boot from an external source (sd card or SdkManager ?) . The ultimate goal it to flash the TX2 NX with SdkManager but that does not seem to work if the Jetson is not fully booted.

Thanks for your help.

please refer to developer guide for the steps, Flashing to an NVMe Drive. thanks

The TX2 NX dev kit has an SD card, and it comes with a dev kit carrier board. TX2 NX already has storage onboard (eMMC), jetpack installed on it but I need more space, and sd had not to be detected or mounted on jetson. Due to a space issue, I flash sd card image but failed in booting. Do you know how to mount the sd card on the jetson system on which jetpack is installed on eMMC or any other solution to this problem?

There are lots of misunderstanding in your comment. Need to clarify this for you.

  1. If your carrier board has a sdcard slot on it, then it is not NVIDIA devkit. None of our Nano/NX devkit has sdcard slot on it. Your board is a custom board.

  2. If this board is from some vendors, you need to get the BSP from them to make this sdcard slot work. Jetpack only supports default NV devkit.

  3. Due to a space issue, I flash sd card image but failed in booting.

I am not sure what kind of “sdcard image” you are using here because we don’t provide “sdcard image” for TX2-NX at all…

Just to emphasize, no dev kit has eMMC. If this is eMMC, then it is not a dev kit, and any SD Card slot the carrier board might provide is not for booting from (the boot stage software for an eMMC model is not able to boot to SD card). One could still use the SD card (if the third party manufacturer’s board support package is used with the correct device tree) once Linux finishes booting, but could not be used during boot. It is possible to mount an eMMC module on a dev kit carrier board, but the SD card would not be used during boot in that case, and you’d still need the right device tree via the BSP.

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