Do Jetson TX2 supports boot from SD card?

Do Jetson Tx2 supports SD card booting? I mean not only copying Image file in SDcard, but also rootfs.

So can I have entire Root file system in SD card and boot it? I am trying to eliminate the flashing to emmc. If so, I can change the contents in SD card and mount it.

What are the configuration changes, any documentation for this?



It sounds duplicated with

So, we can boot from SD card.
But one doubt, even here we use flash script. Cant I just copy the rootfs to SD card? I mean instead of flashing, just copying the rootfs from Linux_from_Tegra, to SDcard will help?


If you don’t want to flash, then I think you may need to manually add UUID in kernel cmdline.

Could you please confirm, will it work for sure? which cmd line parameter/s to be updated?


No, I cannot make sure if this will work because you don’t want to follow our guide above.
Thus, I can just share my guess with you.

If you run above method to boot up from sdcard ever once, check the kernel cmdline and you shall see what to add.

Just some notes you might find useful, not an answer…

When you flash, even if you are booting external media, then in some way eMMC still has to point to the SD card. In some cases the pointer involves the “/boot” content of the eMMC even if rootfs is on SD card. In other cases you might end up using the “/boot” content of the SD card. It is likely that in both cases there would be a minor difference in extlinux.conf, and that if you edit the wrong one, then your edits will be ignored.

If you are using U-Boot (and TX2s do use U-Boot), then you can interrupt boot at the kernel selection stage via serial console. You’ll note that each kernel entry has a “MENU LABEL”. You can alter that menu label without changing what the entry actually does, and you’ll see that label when offered a chance to select which kernel to boot. If you change the label on eMMC to “primary kernel eMMC”, and on the SD card change the menu label to “primary kernel SD”, then you’ll be able to watch and know which extlinux.conf is being used…SD card version, or eMMC version.

There is a chain of boot content, and part of that chain will always be on eMMC. You cannot put absolutely everything on SD.