Can Jetson TX2 boot from SATA drive?

Can Jetson TX2 boot from SATA drive? How to do it?

Does Jetson nano sd card image work for TX2?

Hello @wing901,

Quick answer from what I remember from my Tegra times is that yes, you should be able to boot from SATA. But as for how, that i something i don’t know for the current generation. So I took the liberty to move your post to the Jetson category, I hope that is ok.


Hi wing901,

Are you using the devkit or custom board?

What’s your Jetpack version in use?

You might need to re-flash the SD card for TX2.

I am using the TX2 Development kit. The Jetpack version is 4.6 or newer. How do I re-flash the SD card?

I inserted a m.2 M ssd with A/E key adapter(I couldn’t find a m.2 E ssd and I used an adapter instead) to the m.2 E key slot but the ssd couldn’t be detected. Is it the ssd damaged or the board does not support “m.2 M to m.2 A/E adapter”?

How do I write a batch file for boot sequence?

Please insert SD card and flash with SDK Manager.
Install Jetson Software with SDK Manager :: NVIDIA SDK Manager Documentation

Why don’t you just use SATA connector on the devkit carrier board?

Do you see any uboot log in the serial console log?

I prefer m.2 to sata because the latter takes up more space. I will try sata later on.
Do I need to make an ext4 partition for the sd card or sata drive before flashing?
Is one partition enough?

The sd card I inserted can be detected but cannot be mount.
The m.2 ssds I inserted(with m.2 m to m.2 a/e adapter) cannot be detected at all. I tried 2 different ssds but the results are the same.

Yes, please format it as ext4 before use, and it will partition the SD card during flash.

Please make sure your board could boot up with SD card first.

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