Jetson TX2 OS update

Hello. I am new with Nvidia Jetson. We are using PC now and sometimes we need to reinstall linux. We use ethernet port and PXE for it. How can i do that with TX2?

Normally you would run SDK Manager/JetPack on an Ubuntu PC, and then flash the recovery mode Jetson with the micro-B USB connected. The most recent release of SDKM is here (redirect does not work, so go there, log in, and then go to the link again):

You could clone the existing Jetson prior to flash if you want to keep a copy of the original rootfs partition (which in turn could be useful for PXE booting, but that is yet another topic of its own).

Note that a recovery mode Jetson is a custom USB device. JetPack/SDKM is a front end to the “driver package”, and downloads and operates this for you. A list of releases (SDKM’s most recent release installs L4T 32.3.1, which in turn is Ubuntu 18.04 with NVIDIA drivers):

The image which is generated, if you flash in a default manner, is purely Ubuntu plus those extra drivers (which is why it is called L4T instead of Ubuntu). The SDKM also downloads and installs this “sample rootfs” for you, but is also separately available at the L4T URL).

If you are using a non-developer kit board you would need to add some board support package files from the vendor of the custom carrier board.

Once a Jetson is fully flashed with SDKM the Jetson will reboot, and then you an install optional packages via ethernet. Your existing ethernet will work for that, but there is also a virtual wired ethernet provided on the micro-B USB (the address is, and plugging in to the host PC would configure the PC end to It doesn’t matter which IP address you tell SDKM to use, although real ethernet is faster by a small amount. In all cases, prior to starting the software install you must complete the “first boot” account setup (you should normally have a monitor/keyboard connected to the Jetson during flash for that purpose).

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