Flashing New Tx2

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I am totally new to Jetson world, I will appreciate if someone can provide simple guide to take me step by step to flash my Tx2.

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You can follow this video from JetsonHacks for steps:

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Thank you so much, will check on that.

A couple of URLs you might find of use:
(provides a list of JetPack/SDK Manager releases)

(provides a list of L4T releases)

For reference, SDK Manager used to be purely “JetPack” and can be referred to by either name, although technically it is just SDKM now.

SDKM runs only on a host PC, and is a front end to actual flash software. SDKM adds some network and package selection abilities. When you actually go to flash you will find a directory named after the particular JetPack used to flash a particular Jetson device. Naming convention/location:

Most command line options on the host PC implies running a command from the “Linux_for_Tegra/” subdirectory of the above.

Either of those URLs, after picking a release (best if it is the most recent release) have documentation.

When NVIDIA packages and ships a sample operating system to install it uses a purely Ubuntu image (adjusted for the circumstances, but the packages in the reference are purely publicly licensed). The package for this is the “sample root filesystem”. At the moment all of the recent releases are for installing Ubuntu 18.04.

You will find that the Ubuntu 18.04 is often referred to as “Linux for Tegra” once the NVIDIA-specific content is overlaid into the sample rootfs this becomes “Linux for Tegra” (“L4T”). This is what actually gets flashed to the Jetson. Mostly documents on the web for Ubuntu 18.04 apply to any current L4T release. It’s just a guess, but it is likely that later this year L4T will go to a sample rootfs of Ubuntu 20.04.

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Thank you So much for your Post,

I could finally flash it. Thank you again