TX2 NX SDKManager install

Dear nVidia,

I switched to TX2 NX module, so I need to flash the image in on first time use.
I have ubuntu 22.04 and SDKmanager 1.9.0 installed.

The module is connected to the host machine and the SDKmanager can recognize the hardware. However, the GUI shows “no avaiable release for host os: ubuntu 22.04”, as in following screenshot.

How should I proceed?

thank you.


JetPack/SDK Manager is just a GUI front end to the flash software. Although the GUI supports Ubuntu 22.04, the flash software does not. You’ll need to use an Ubuntu 18.04 host PC if you are using the GUI for a TX2. TX2s support L4T R32.x, which in turn is flashed via JetPack 4.x. JetPack 5.x and L4T 34.x+ will fail on a TX2.

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