TX2 SDK Manager Issues

Currently using TX2 and trying to set up SDK Manager 1.7.3 so I can install Jetpack SDK 4.6.3
My system is Ubuntu 20.04. I’m aware TX2 uses Ubuntu 18.04. My thought was installing SDK Manager 1.7.3 as that was the recommended SDK Manager to then properly configure everything.
However, upon installation of SDK Manager 1.7.3, I see nothing rendered. I see STEP 01 - 04. And STEP 01 is highlighted green however, there is nothing to configure and nowhere to press next after i were to configure everything.
Any suggestions as to how I can set up the jetpack SDK on my TX2 despite my overall system being Ubuntu 20.04 would be appreciated. Thanks

For TX2, the Ubuntu 20.04 is not supported, it’s better to use Ubuntu 18.04 to avoid some abnormal issue. Sorry for that.

FYI, SDK Manager has a wider range of allowable Ubuntu releases, but the TX2 itself limits it to Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04.

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