SDK Manager and unbuntu20.04

Hello!! My ubuntu version is 20.04. But when i use the SDK Manager to configurate the Jetson tx2 , it occur this situation: the target operating system can’t select.

The JetPack can’t support Ubuntu 20.04, please try to use PC with Ubuntu 18.04.

This is really problematic - Ubuntu 20.04 is been out for two years now. In fact, 22.04 LTS is due out in just two months. Do I really need to load a 4-year-old OS on a dedicated laptop to set up my Jetson development kits???

I faced the same issue. You could follow some of the options at SDKManager “Not supported on Linux” - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson TX2 - NVIDIA Developer Forums. I successfully ran the sdk manager on Ubuntu 20.04 by creating fake release files.

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