Target Operating system does not show up

Hello all,

I tried to install Jetpack 4.6 to TX’ developer kit. I have formatted my Ubntu host machine to Ubuntu 20.04 and I installed sdkmanager. The problem is that there is no target operating system on my machine. I have checked the issue from forum but related topics are about virtual machine. I dont use virtual machine my host machine has native operating system which is ubuntu 20.04.
It seems like here.

The Jetpack versions are available for other modules like AGX Xavier. There is no Jetpack version for TX2 developer modules. How can I solve it? Thanks in advanced.

Hi @yildizsoftware213

Welcome to the NVIDIA Developer forums! Your issue might get more attention from the Jetson folks, so I am going to move this to the TX2 category for you.

Tom K

Sorry to tell that the Ubuntu 20.04 is not suggested to get JetPack working correctly.
Please try with Ubuntu 18.04, then JetPack can work successfully via the SDK maanger…

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