'Target Operating System' unavailable on SDK Manager for AGX Orin module

I have AGX Orin Dev Kit.
I successfully installed Ubuntu and Jetpack 5.0 on it. However the jetsonpowergui is not working.
So based on suggestions in this forum I am trying to reinstall BSP using SDK manager.

Target HW is identified properly when in recovery mode however TARGET OS is not available. (See attached image)
My HOST machine OS is Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS.

Also if I click on ‘Repair/Uninstall’ the SDK list is empty.

Sdkmanager does not support ubutnu 22.04.

NVIDIA website its misleading, says SDK Manager supports Ubuntu 22.04.

Screenshot from 2022-10-06 06-36-09

The trick there is that SDK Manager works with several NVIDIA embedded systems, including some for automobiles (Jetson Drive). SDKM does support Ubuntu 22.04 I think, but the target system being installed to requires running on 18.04 (the Xavier and Orin systems allow flashing from 20.04, but they are newer and not deprecated).

Sorry that, which one is misleading you? The picture you just posted only has “20.04 on x86_64 system”.

The whole page does not have any “22” keyword…

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