SDK Manager: No available releases for host OS: ubuntu 2204

I’m using Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS x86_64. SDK Manager is supposed to support “Ubuntu Desktop 16.04, 18.04, 20.04, and 22.04” according to System Requirements :: NVIDIA SDK Manager Documentation. Here is the Step 01 of SDK Manager:

and Step 02:

What is wrong? Why “No available releases for host OS: ubuntu 2204”?

Same issue here! Any updates?

JetPack/SDK Manager is a GUI frontend to the actual flash software. This has different requirements than the software being flashed. For an Ubuntu host PC, and JetPack 5.x+, you can use an Ubuntu 20.04 host, but not a 22.04 host (the software being flashed limits this; other non-Jetson software is why the GUI itself is compatible with 22.04, but not for flashing a Jetson).

Earlier JetPack 4.x releases would work with as old as Ubuntu 16.04 host PCs, though 18.04 is better. 18.04 should also work with JetPack 5.x.

Do you mean that CLI flash utility will work with Ubuntu 22.04, but GUI frontend will not? Or, do you mean that flashing L4T BSP, which is based on Ubuntu 20.04, is not possible from Ubuntu 22.04 host?

Yes, you can flash with the “” command line utility. This has existed for a long time since before JetPack/SDKM. This does not have features for installing the optional software, but on these newer releases you can use the apt tool to install this since it should have the NVIDIA apt repository named (and if it isn’t named, then it is simple to add it).

L4T is what gets flashed in recovery mode, and it won’t care if you use command line or a GUI. Optional content, such as CUDA, is not something which gets flashed directly. This only gets installed after flash completes, and is on a running system.

The JetPack/SDKM GUI works on various Ubuntu host PC releases, including Ubuntu 18.04 through 22.04. However, the underlying driver package software (JetPack/SDKM is not flash software, it is a utility to aid flash software) is incompatible with 22.04 when run from the GUI. Non-GUI should work from a much broader range of Linux distributions and releases.

  • The GUI has dependencies.
  • The underlying flash software (driver package) has dependencies.
  • One works with the intersection of GUI and flash software dependencies.

I just used another PC with Ubuntu 20.04.5 and SDK Manager to flush Jetson AGX Orin. I tried the docker image on Ubuntu 22.04 first, but found the documentation of complex command parameters lacking and gave up.

I declared success a bit prematurely. It seems that L4T installation completed successfully, but continuing with Jetpack installation requires a display and keyboard connected to AGX Orin, which I didn’t have at the time.

Sometimes this can be completed with the serial UART console. This would be by using a micro-B USB cable to the micro-OTG USB port. Settings are 115200 8N1.

In the end, I used a keyboard plugged to AGX Orin. I doubt that serial port would work. Fresh L4T (Ubuntu) install launches the Gnome login dialog on startup, which requires keyboard present, AFAIK.

We see the confusion here.
As showing in the same page: System Requirements :: NVIDIA SDK Manager Documentation
SDK Manager is used as a tool for a lot of products and SDKs in NVIDIA. Jetson is only one of them.
Thus OSs SDK Manager supports does not mean the OSs Jetson/Jetpack supports.
AFAIK, there is currently no Jetpack releases officially support ubuntu 2204.

Yes, there is a note on that page: Refer to the system requirements for the specific DRIVE, Jetson, Clara Holoscan, Rivermax, DOCA, or Ethernet Switch product release you are installing. It would be more helpful to include specific product system requirements or links to them on that page also. Many new users after seeing Ubuntu 22.04 listed above will not read the fine print and waste time trying. Some redundancy, especially in confusing cases like this one, is very helpful.


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