SDKManager support for Ubuntu 20.04 host?

Hi, is there any planned support for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on the host machine? I upgraded my host machine from 18.04 LTS only to find out that on 20.04 LTS, SDKManager now doesn’t list anything to install any more, so it’s practically unusable.

Hi wyphan,

It’s planning to support at the 2021/2H.


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That’s uncomfortably close to the planned release schedule for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (only several months away from April 2022)… I wonder if there are any reasons for doing so?

Hi @kayccc,

Sorry for reviving an old thread, but now that Ubuntu 20.04 host is officially supported, I find it weird that I still can’t get it to work:

Any help would be appreciated.

AFAIK, JetPack builds are not yet supported on Ubuntu 20.04 host. It’s only SDK Manager.
So you still can only use Ubuntu 18.04 host.

Sorry for the trouble, I have asked team to update the doc to avoid misunderstanding.


There is a workaround for now. It worked without any problems for me.