Does SDK Manager 1.7.1 work in Ubuntu 20.04?


In SDK Manager website, it shows SDK Version 1.7.1 supports Ubuntu 20.04, but when I start SDK, it says “No available releases for Ubuntu 20.04” for “Target Operating System”

Please help advise how I can use SDK in Ubuntu 20.04.



The SDK manager should be no problem to wotk on Ubuntu 20.04 as it mentioned at its webpage, however the JetPack can’t work well on Ubuntu 20.04, please still use Ubuntu 18.04 on host PC.

I want to add some clarification: SDKM is a layer on top of JetPack related to networking and login. SDKM can download JetPack. JetPack is a front end to the actual flash software, and is not in and of itself flash software. The flash software is the “driver package” plus “sample rootfs” (once the “” script is run to overlay files into the sample rootfs this becomes “L4T”, which is what gets flashed…Ubuntu with NVIDIA drivers added).

Being able to download software is different than requirements to run the software which was downloaded. It is likely that the command line would work on Ubuntu 20.04 as the command line just not much care about the distribution being used, but the GUI components above this use package management for installing to the host as well as Jetson.

You could manually install and run the command line content, but this would be purely flash software, and would not install any optional packages to the Jetson, e.g., CUDA would need manual install.

hi Kayccc,

Due to "“No available releases for Ubuntu 20.04”, SDK doesn’t allow to click “Continue to STEP 02”, so SDK doesn’t have any function on Ubuntu 20.04. I would suggest not to list 20.04 in the support list.


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Thanks for your detailed explanation.


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