SDK Manager No available releases for Ubuntu 20.04


I’m trying to use the SDK manager to install some software onto my jetson nano but in the Target Operating System box it says No available releases for Ubuntu 20.04.

My jetson already has an ubuntu 18.04 os. I want to use it to install tensorrt based on this post

How do I proceed?

The site says that SDK Manager 1.5.0-7774 also supported ubuntu 20.04.

My environment is ubuntu 20.04. In Step 01 of SDK Manager, it says “No available release for Ubuntu 20.04”. I cannot go to next.

Isn’t it a bug in the installer?

@tonjiro20: I have not looked at the specific release, but so far as I know a 20.04 host has not yet been allowed (on the other hand I might be out of date…I only have 18.04 and have not looked).

@infinityp913: Notes about “No available releases for Ubuntu 20.04” I think are about the host PC, not the Jetson. You might be interested in these threads about “faking” the host as Ubuntu 18.04:

If I am right that this is a host PC version issue, and that 20.04 simply has not yet been implemented, then the above should help.

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That’s only for SDK manager installer, however the JetPack builds are not yet supported on Ubuntu 20.04 host, so still suggest to use host PC with Ubuntu 18.04 for Jetson development.


I will use 18.04.
Thank you.

OK, so if I understand it correctly, I can install SDK Manager, but I cannot use it for anything, that makes sense now.


Yes, your understanding is correct, please use host PC with Ubuntu 18.04 for Jetson development. Thanks