SDK Manager does not provide SDK versions for Jetson Nano

I am attempting to flash my Jetson Nano on an Ubuntu 20.04 system I just setup for this purpose, and I have the device in recovery mode, it shows up in the SDK manager, but once I select it there are no SDK Versions available for my device, it is grayed out and I cannot select anything

The original Nano is based on a TX1. There are other Nanos now, e.g., the Xavier Nano and Orin Nano. The reason you don’t see this is that new feature support stopped before reaching Ubuntu 20.04 (L4T R35.x). The newest you’ll find is Ubuntu 18.04 (L4T R32.x). You can try to find older releases with “sdkmanager --archivedversions” (now usually “sdkmanager --archived-versions”), but they won’t be available with that specific hardware.

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Thank-you for your response I was actually able to figure this out on my own somehow, and for anyone reading this thread in the future who has the same issue I was able to gain access to these earlier versions of Jet-pack on my Ubuntu 20.04 instance without re-imaging the host machine by “tricking” SDK manager into assuming I was on 18.04

I edited two files /etc/lsb-release and /etc/os-release switched the version 20.04 to 18.04, restarted SDK manager and was able to install Jetpack 4.6; bit of a hacky solution but it worked.

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