JetPack 4.2.2 is not listed in SDK Manager

Hi everyone,

I have a product based on JetPack 4.2.2 but I’m not able to find this SDK listed on sdkmanager --archived versions anymore. I need this version because my base OS has custom drivers and I use Jetson SDK Components compatible with 4.2.2.
Searching on forum I’ve found this post reporting a similar problem and the solution was that it was added in archivedversions. But now I cannot find it again in archivedversions.

Can you please help?


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Hi armen.v.mkyan,

The JetPack-4.2.2 version is too old.
You can download L4T Driver Package (BSP) and Sample Root Filesystem from: L4T 32.2.1 | NVIDIA Developer
Follow Quick start guide steps to flash image on Jetson-Nano.
Document link: Quick Start — Jetson Linux<br/>Developer Guide 34.1 documentation

Suggest you can update to the latest JetPack-4.6.4 :)

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