Jetpack 4.6 for Nano Module

Hi Team

I unable access jetpack 4.6 and not able flash my kit with Jetpack 4.6. I am able to downlaod Jetpack 4.6 SDK manager but when I login , it is showing "OOPS, No SDK managers found for your account ". But I am able to get other higher SDK managers. Kindly help me to resolve this issue.

I am downloading the SDK manager from the following the link.

What is the version of ubuntu on your host PC?

ubuntu 18.04

I am a little confused you your terms here. There is no " higher SDK managers" but only “higher jetpack version”.

Are you talking about jetpack version or “sdkmanager version”? You should always use latest sdkmanager version but jetpack version could be old one.

Actually I installed SDK manager that comes for Jetpack 4.6 but It was throwing me error. that “No SDKs available for you account”. But when I use SDK manager of Jetpack 4.6.3 and higher version like 5.0 and above, SDK managers are available.

I am attaching the screenshot for your reference:


Sdkmanager download is over here…

Hi @WayneWWW

Please refer to my previous reply, you will understand the problem. I have downloaded the SDK that is available from the above mentioned link itself.


Yes, I understand your problem. But your comment does not make sense.

Your link is downloading jetpack but not sdkmanager. Sdkmanger is just one version. Jetpack could be various.

If you really have a problem in sdkmanager, then you could directly download jetpack from similar website as what you shared too.

For example, jetpack4.5 page for jp4.5.

Just to clarify, sdkmanager has its own version too but that version only needs to update. We won’t fallback sdkmanger version for older jetpack version.

Please let me know if you really understand my comment. If you cannot, please tell.

I need to confirm you are not using some old sdkmanager version here. For example, latest sdkmanager is already version. Your version seems still

Ok let me explain clearly.

I installed SDK manager 1.6.1-8175 to install Jetpack 4.6. But their I am facing the problem. When I login to SDK manager it is showing me like “No SDKs available for your account”.

I am attaching the screenshot for your reference:

Yes, then your sdkmanager is out-of-date. Please upgrade your sdkmanager. Check the button on the upper right “check for updates”.

Sdkmanager is just a tool for download jetpack. You don’t need to use a very old sdkmanager in order to download old jetpack version…

Even latest 1.9.2 sdkmanager can support jetpack 4…

I updated the SDK manager(to 1.9.2-10899) but I am not able to find Jetpack 4.6.

Kindly find the screenshot attached below for your reference.

Now start on command line with:
sdkmanager --archivedversions

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Great ! I am able to find jetpack 4.6(rev. 3).

Thanks @WayneWWW and @linuxdev

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