Can't access SDKs in SDK Manager

I’m trying to install jetpack on a host computer to backup a jetson nano image but when I run SDK manager (V1.1.0 build 6343), it tells me “Oops! No SDKs are available for your account”.

When I click on “membership information” in the top right though, it shows I am a member of the NVIDIA development program.

I read a few threads from other people who are having similar problems but haven’t seen any solutions besides putting in a post, so it looks like that is the current solution.

Can you help me resolve this? Thanks!

I have the same problem.

Logging in…
Login succeeded.
Loading user information…
User information loaded successfully.
Loading server data…
Failed to load server data.
No SDKs are available for your account. Verify that your NVIDIA account is registered to the correct development program on

Please help.

Here are screenshots of the issues we’re having:

Is anyone able to help us resolve this?

Some additional info (that was requested in another thread, that might be helpful here):

Some additional info, I can open both “” as well as “” (the latter of which will allow me to download the json file).

If I ping them, “” will give me results back, though it will be unable to ping “”

Below is a screenshot with all that info in one screenshot: