No SDKs are available on your account

• DeepStream Version Jetpack4.4
I am installing sdkmanager 1.6.1 for Jetpack4.4
Then I faced "No SDKs are available on your account"
My developer account is used to login.
I was using latest version sdkmanager 1.9.3, it was fine.
But now I need to install Jetpack4.4 to a device and need to change to sdkmanager 1.6.1.
So uinstalled sdkmanager 1.9.3 and reinstalled 1.6.1
During installation of sdkmanager version 1.6.1. I tried to delete all 1.9.3 version following discussion here as

  1. sudo apt remove sdkmanager
  2. removed everything installed by sdkmanager: /opt/nvidia, ~/nvidia and ~/Downloads/nvidia(the download folder you set).
  3. sudo rm -rf ~/.nvsdkm

But still face the issue.
~/.nvsdkm is zipped and attached. (60.8 KB)

My account is registered for developer.


does launching SDK Manager with sdkmanager --archivedversions work?
It should be able to use JetPack 4.4 on the latest version of SDK Manager when launched this way.

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Yeah --archivedversions works. Wah :( got stress the whole day yesterday.

ic I didn’t know that I can launch 4.4 with sdkmanager 1.9.3 using --archivedversions.

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