No SDKs available for your account

i have installed sdkmanager on my OS Ubuntu 20.04 and it says no SDKs are available for my account what is the problem please? i haven’t instaleed the sdk card image yet

Hello @seifzakaria321 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

Which Jetson device are you using? With that information I will be able to pass your question on to the right category.


I am using jetson Nano ,
NOTE: i haven’t connected the Jetson to my laptop , i am just opened thr SDKmanager ans it showed that message “No SDKs are available for your account”

Hi @seifzakaria321,

Please check this topic for a possible solution. In the meantime, I will move this topic over to the Jetson forums for visibility.


Please refer to the User Guide: NVIDIA SDK Manager Documentation — SDK Manager 2.1.0 documentation