No SDK available for your account

I have setup NVIDIA SDK manager in Ubuntu18 host machine to install Jetpack 4.6.3.
I had installed Jetpack 4.6.3 in Jetson Nano and Jetson Xavier NX, Everything got installed was working fine.

After 2-3 days, I have tried to install Jetpack 4.6.3 in TX2, Now SDK Manager is giving me No SDK available to your account, Failed to get configuration file from the server. Please check your network connectivity.

I have tried re-login , re-installation the SDK manager which did not help.
Please guide me if I am doing anything wrong.

I have one question also , Will same Jetpack work in all Jetson devices?

Some other developers met the same issue before, and resolved by the following:
delete ~/.nvsdkm
then try again

Hi nitin6,

Will same Jetpack work in all Jetson devices?
→ You can check detail versions and support platform from:

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