Nvidia servers are blocking access to archived versions of Jetpacks?

Hi Nvidia Team
tried with several accounts

Hi videodev,

Are you login with NVIDIA Developer account?
Detail with run SDK Manager: Download and Run SDK Manager :: NVIDIA SDK Manager Documentation

hi carolyuu,

the requirements for installing SDK Manager are met,
I have access to my account,
yes, i am a developer,
SDK Manager is installed on another computer,

Hi videodev,

Looks your SDK Manager working?

Hi carolyuu,

ubunte 20.04, sdkmanager 1.9.2. , jetpack 5.х.x fully functional.

ubunte 18.04, sdkmanager 1.6.1. , jetpack 4.5 not working.
the computer fully meets the requirements for installing this software.

It’s possible that you are seeing that due to Jetson TX2s requiring JetPack 4.x/L4T R32.x, which in turn can use an Ubuntu 18.04 host PC, but not a 20.04 host PC. If you want to test some different releases you might start SDKM like this:
sdkmanager --archivedversions
(eventually a 20.04 host PC will cause trouble anyway when trying to flash a TX2)

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