Latest Jetpack (4.6.2) not listed by sdkmanager 1.9.0 for TX2

Hello all,
After a few days of work making a bootable 18.04 USB stick for flashing (browser authentication and space issues) and installing sdkmanager 1.9.0, only jetpack 4.5.1 is listed after “sdkmanager --archived versions” is run.

I’ve searched and googled, and I can’t find any solution. I’d like to update to the latest software for the TX2 while I still can. I hope it’s not already too late?

Seems there are still quite major changes between 4.5.1 and 4.6.2.


Hi benbn9c5,

You can run $sdkmanager direct to launch JetPack-4.6.2.

ahhh. That did it.

It did not even occur to me the “current” versions would be relative to the board and that such an old version would be available without the extra flag. Maybe “archived versions” should be interpreted as “include old versions” not “include old versions and remove new versions”. i.e. the --archived versions should probably show all versions whereas without only new versions are shown.

Hi benbn9c5,

What host Ubuntu PC are you using? 18.04 or 20.04?
Are you install the latest SDK Manager?

The JetPack-4.6.2 show on current versions, so you can run sdkmanager directly.
For sdkmanager --archivedversions is show JetPack old versions.

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