SDK Manager 1.9.1 no releases for Ubuntu 22.04

I’ve just installed Ubuntu 22.04 on a new machine along with SDK manager 1.9.1 (which says it supports 22.04) and the Target OS section of Step 1 says 'no releases for os ubuntu2204


Sorry for mislead. Jetpack only supports up to ubuntu 20.04. “Sdkmanager” can run on ubuntu 22.04 does not mean it can flash linux for tegra as sdkmanger supports more than just jetson.

FYI, SDK Manager is used with more than Jetsons. It is only a front end to the flash software. I think there is other hardware (non-Jetson) which can flash under 22.04. Jetsons not.

yes, is there a Jetson AGX Xavier module for host OS Ubuntu 22.04 ??

No. However, you could flash on command line under Ubuntu 22.04 (or even several non-Ubuntu distributions). Some of the content (optional package install) would not be available on command line, but in theory with the newer releases you could then use the package manager on the Jetson to install those (e.g., CUDA) once the apt repository can see the NVIDIA package server.

It is far easier if you have a dual boot with a native Ubuntu 20.04.

yes, but why would I dual boot into 2 (only slightly) diffferent versions of Linux ? I am running Linux at all times. I was able to change the /etc/os-release file to get the sdkmanager to work. Then flip it back to the v22.04 while the sdkmanager runs and uses apt to fetch things.

However, I am seeing a problem flashing related to the AGX itself. so, more troubleshooting is required.

I’m just saying there is a limitation to the GUI frontend for flashing. The actual command line flash has been around for a very long time (I remember using L4T via command line flash back to around version 16.x for a Tegra 3). It wasn’t until the GUI came along that it tested for release, and I think that is basically to make sure the host PC has the same features as the OS being flashed; the host PC is acting as a kind of “surrogate” to mimic creation and packaging and such for the same release, e.g., the package tool. I personally would choose to design the GUI to test for features needed, e.g., if the mkfs.ext4 is compatible, if the loopback succeeds, so on, but it isn’t my design. For some of the other non-Jetson support I’m sure it demands Ubuntu 22.04 if those other systems actually run 22.04.

Command line flash does not make those checks. If it works, then the features were compatible. The only thing I can think of from the past where there were issues was in the default options of mkfs.ext4 being wrong for command line at one short time several years ago; even this would work back then if one edited the mkfs.ext4 to use options compatible with what was being flashed.

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