SDK Manager: BSP Version Mismatch


I’m trying to flash a Jetson Orin AGX Developer Kit with JetPack version 5.0.2. According to the SDK, it successfully flashes the OS and installs the Jetson SDK components. When it gets to the end of the process, I get an error on the SDK Manager that says:

“BSP Version Mismatch Your device BSP image version is incompatible with the softawre version you are trying to install. Please reflash your device with the right BSP version and try to reinstall.”

However, when in the SDK Manager itself, under target components, it says that it successfully installed everything. Why would this error show up when the SDK Manager is saying that it installed all of the target components?


The host PC with Ubuntu 20.04 OS is suggested as development environment on PC.
Are you using this version?

@kayccc Thanks for your response! Yes, I am using Ubuntu 20.04 as the host PC.

Hi bh4216la,

What SDK Manager version are you using?
Please check with the latest version:

And full flash target image and install sdk components again.
If still reproduce the same issue, please share logs from: /home/username/.nvsdkm

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